stainless steel washers and nuts with zinc plated

Product Name:steel washers and nuts with zinc plated
Material:as custom requirement,stainless steel,aluminum,iron,brass,copper is available.
Surface finished:as customer’s requirement.(zinc,/nickle/silver/golden plated,natural color is available)
Metric tolerance:+/-0.002mm(the tolerance according to customized design)
Usage: for household appliances,electronics,vidicons,medical machines and so on.



stainless steel washers and nuts with zinc plated

stainless steel washers and nuts

Washers are applied in fastener assemblies to distribute pressure from a bolt’s head across a wider area. As you tighten a bolt, more pressure is placed against the washer rather than the installation material. Washers can help to stop pull-through and damage to soft materials.

Stainless steel washers also can act as a flush surface for a bolt head or nut to tighten against. While not their intended function, they will be used as spacers to shorten bolt lengths. they are available in many sorts that have different functions. One example may be a lockring. A chrome steel lockring holds a fastener assembly in situ to stop accidental loosening thanks to vibrations or other external forces.

Washers made up of chrome steel also are corrosion and rust-resistant. Each grade features a different environmental range. thanks to the metal’s natural resistance to corrosion and rust, the washer’s accidental burring won’t compromise its performance.

Our Service: Custom CNC machining/automatic lathing/stamping/springs/fasteners/aluminum extrusion
Material: as custom requirement,stainless steel,aluminum,iron,brass,copper is available.
Surface Treatment: Blacking,polishing,sandblasting,anodize,chrome plating,zinc plating,pickling&passivation, vibration,nickel plating,tinting
Machining Equipment: DMG 5 axis cnc machining center / DMG composite cnc machine / Machining Center / CNC Lathes / Grinding Machines / Milling Machines / Lathes / Wire-cuts / Laser Cuts / CNC Shearing Machines / CNC Bending Machines / etc.
Testing machine: Digital Height Gauge, caliper, Coordinate measuring machine, Projection Machine, Roughness tester, Hardness tester, Microscope and so on
Quality Assurance: ISO9001:2015 certificated, AS9001
File Format: Solid Works,Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD(DXF,DWG), PDF,TIF , IGS , STP etc.
Packing: Plastic bag+Foam+Carton+ Wooden boxes or as per customer’s requirements
Payment terms: FOB Xiamen,T/T,PAYPAL,L/C,Western union




What are steel washers?

Steel washers are flat disks on steel or chrome steel with a hole punched through the center . they’re wont to distribute the load over a bigger area and protect surfaces during the installation of screws and bolts.


When do you have to use a washer?

The primary purpose of a washer is to evenly distribute load for the bolt or screw that’s fastened through it. thereto end, washers are utilized in applications where you do not want to cause stress-related damage to your material due to the load. Relatively soft materials, like wood or softer metals, will find washers frequently used on them for this purpose.


Why does one need washers on bolts?

Washers protect the surface from damage during the installation of bolts. They distribute the pressure evenly to stop damage to your workpiece. Not having washers when installing bolts can dramatically reduce the lifespan of how your product holds together. It’s generally recommended to use washers in most applications where bolts are involved.

Types of Washers

Flat Washers

General-purpose flat washers are positioned under the top of a bolt or nut to supply an additional layer to guard the workpiece while distributing the fastener load over a wider area.

Flat washers are available the quality variety and additional thick and fender washer varieties once you need thicker or larger washers. you’ll also find flat washers that conform to Military (800 series), Airforce/Navy (AN 900 series), and National Aerospace Standard (NAS) sizing for applications that depend upon exact specifications.


Lock Washers

Lock washers are specifically designed washers for keeping threaded fasteners from loosening, typically resulting from vibrations. They often are available either split ring or toothed varieties.

Split ring lock washers use pressure and a spring-like effect to extend a nut or bolt’s resistance from loosening due to vibration while internal and external tooth lock washers bite into either the nut/bolt or the appliance surface for an equivalent effect.


Roofing Washers

These specialized roofing washers are frequently used with sheet screws for metal roofing, metal siding, and truss system applications. Also called sealing washers, the added EPDM neoprene rubber backing to the washer helps create a watertight seal round the screw to stop leaks in these applications.


Rivet Backup Washers

Flat washers designed to bring back POP rivets what washers bring back other fasteners: a greater area to assist spread pressure over the fabric area, preventing pull through. Backup rivet washers also help protect the material’s surface during installation. Designed for blind rivets, backup washers should use an equivalent material because the rivet itself.

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