Stamping parts

Material and mold

We normally utilize the Rockwell firmness tester to examine the solidity of equipment marking components Because of tiny items, small stamping components with complex forms can not be examined on a normal desktop Rockwell hardness tester. The PHP series portable Rockwell solidity tester is really ideal for testing the hardness of these marking components. Alloy marking parts are one of the most commonly utilized parts in steel processing and mechanical production. The stamping process is the processing of forming or dividing metal strips with mold. It is extensively utilized in various markets.

The marking process consists of blanking, flexing, drawing, forming, ending up, and also various other processes. Stamping materials are generally consisting of cold-rolled or hot-rolled metal strip materials, such as carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, springtime steel plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper alloy plate, light weight aluminum and light weight aluminum alloy plate, and so on

1. hardness screening of marking components.

Checking the hardness of stamping materials is to identify whether the annealing level of the metal sheet is appropriate for the succeeding stamping procedure. Aluminum alloy sheet made use of for stamping can be tested by Wechsler firmness tester.

2. Hardness testing of stamping mold and mildew.

The main product of marking mold is passed away steel (including device steel as well as high-speed steel), in some cases carbide is also utilized.

Marking mold generally calls for high firmness and also puts on resistance, also the warm therapy process is crucial.

Little stamping parts with complex shapes can not be checked on regular desktop computer Rockwell hardness tester because of little items. The PHP series mobile Rockwell firmness tester is really suitable for examining the hardness of these marking parts. Evaluating the firmness of marking materials is to establish whether the annealing degree of steel sheet is ideal for the succeeding marking process.

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